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I knew It. I felt it. I needed to reconnect with myself. For the last few weeks I’ve been quite busy, busier than normal. And even though I have kept up my daily practices to feed my mind, body, and soul, I still felt a bit ungrounded. Something felt off. 

So last night I treated myself to a breathwork session. Breathwork is conscious circular breathing, a conscious hyperventilation if you will. I’ve done breathwork many times in the past few years, and for me, every time it’s something different, every time deeper peace and healing come from it. 

Last night was no exception. During the day I had thoughts about not wanting to show up to the session, imagining myself cancelling the breathwork session... all signs that there was something inside of me that was resisting. Which is why I knew even more that I had to show up. And I’m so glad I did. 

During my breathwork session with BeLove Breathwork at the Wellness Room Miami, I was able to reconnect with myself. During the 60-minute breathing session, I felt energy moving through my body, thoughts went as easily as they came, and I was extremely in tuned with my body and how it felt. 

Toward the end of the breathwork, I became overwhelmed with tears of love and gratitude. I felt love for myself.  I felt love for my inner child who has healed tremendously.  I even found myself holding my hands together as one does when they hold someone else’s hands. I was actually holding my inner child’s hand. I no longer felt alone. This feeling of comfort came over me, knowing that no matter what happens, no matter what struggles I face, I’m not alone because I have myself. I have my resilient self - the one I have come to love so much, the one that is brave and courageous and beautiful. 

This is an amazing feeling I hadn’t felt in a while. Being with myself and feeling in great company, being by myself and not feeling alone or lonely. 

I’m glad I gave myself this gift last night. I needed to reconnect with myself in this deep way. It gives me peace, joy, gratitude, and only fuels me to be able to better serve others as they heal as well. It keeps me grounded and aligned with my true self. 

If you haven’t tried breathwork I suggest you do. It allows you to fully feel emotions you have suppressed in you, and gives room for tremendous healing. And maybe you find it’s for you. Maybe another modality resonates more with you. Whatever it is, try to find something where you can feel your body and your emotions, where you’re able to heal what needs to be healed, and where you’re able to deeply connect with yourself.

Self Love and Self Care practices are necessary for our emotional, physical and mental well being. I invite you to incorporate daily practices in order to keep you feeling good. The more we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of our loved ones. It all starts with you.

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