Do you keep feeling unfullfilled in your relationships? Do you find sex with your partner initially arousing, but find that it quickly becomes blah? Is sex insatiable? Maybe a feeling of something missing...

The long awaited Sex Forum returns with more juicy content. This men's only workshop explores ideas, fantasies and communication around sexuality.

It's a fresh new year to begin making those changes in your life that you know you deserve. Recreate yourself and develop a passion filled life that will bring you the love, joy and happiness into your relationships and your career. Specifically prepared for men, this workshop will help you realign your path and harness true power, passion and authenticity. Adopt new skills that allow fluid communication, acceptance, strength, passion, and authenticity in all areas of life. Unlock a new level of awareness and become fully passionate with yourself, your work, your relationships and your life. Finally, you will learn to achieve greater intimacy and sexuality.
This is your year!!!

  • Re-translate your world
  • Realign purpose and mission
  • Integrate true transformation
  • Evolve into the man, husband, father you and your family deserve.
  • Sexercise "boots on the ground" experience
  • Free yourself from any sexual stigma
  • Break free from eroneous beliefs surrounding relationships and sex.

Wether you are already on the cusp of change, in search of something different, feel that something may be missing or perhaps just looking for direction, this transformative retreat can help you discover and unlock your true self. This experience speaks to the masculine and invites you to integrate your entire being. Reconnect your mind, soul and body and powerfully connect to the power of the universe.
In this workshop you will learn to fully connect with yourself and create personal power to master the bedroom. Explore how to overcome obstacles that have been limiting you sexually. Adopt new skills that allow fluid communication, acceptance, strength, passion, and authenticity in the bedroom. Achieve greater confidence, intimacy, and sexuality. Learn what it takes to fully satisfy your partner in and out of the bedroom. No longer will you be held back by limiting beliefs that prevent you from having the best sex you've ever imagined.


This course will help you understand yourself and yourself in any relationship. During the workshop, you will learn to tune in to your belief systems and learn what may be stopping you from accessing your authentic selves. Through a series of interactive experiential activities, & lecture you will begin taking on the right questions for yourself. Questions that will lead to answers and discoveries that will enrich and point you to purpose. 

The Sex Forum


    Led by Carolina Pataky, LMFT + Certified Sex Therapist







    Coral Gables Counseling Center
    356 Alhambra Circle
    Coral Gables, FL 33134


  • Refunds are available less a 25% Servicing Fee.  No refunds are available within 14 days of Workshop/Retreat.  Please contact us if you need to cancel.

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