6 Months of 50 Minute psychotherapy or coaching sessions with Carolina Pataky LMFT + Certified Sex Therapist.


Bonus Offer: Limited texting directly with Carolina to address situational behaviors or concerns between sessions. 


ultimateHIM Package

Embark on a 6 month life-changing journey designed to help you master the universe. Receive all of the content from the 3 month program plus 3 full months of additional training to hone in and take full ownership of your life. Your journey begins with a deep understanding of your life and the many intricacies, paths, decisions and fears that have been a part of it. During the first part of your time with Carolina, you will have the time to address and better understand the blocks and fears that have kept you from creating the life you desire. Most often the life we desire is not even visible, but is instead nestled in unhealthy fantasies that are simply part of the belief systems or societal expectations we adopt. This creates an incredible amount of pressure to be someone we're not. It makes us incongruent, poor communicators and in constant cyclical struggles that simply do not serve us. True authenticity and success stem from the understanding and graceful adoption of who we are at the very core. Once you're able to recognize and feel connected to yourself, you can embrace work, creativity, family, relationships, intimacy, sexuality and your entire being like never before. This program combines Carolina's full arsenal of psychotherapeutic and transpersonal modalities that fully connect mind, body and spirit. At the end of the six months, you will have a hard time even recognizing the person you are today.  If you're looking to unleash yourself and fully love the life you're in, this program is for you.  


We're surrounded by billions of galaxies and billions of fellow humans, yet incredibly limited for time to cherish the richness and beauty of life. Most live simply to work or to find happiness in the comfort of others, but how often do individuals live captivating and extraordinary lives? Athletes, artists, celebrities, authors, CEO's, visionaries all surround themselves with coaches and experts to help them become masters of their craft. They forge through limiting beliefs and connect to their passions ultimately leading to meaningful and purposeful lives. Shouldn't your life, your relationships, your career align to meaning, passion and purpose? If you've reached a point in your life where you're sensing that something out there is either not working for you or that something greater and more meaningful awaits, you've courageously accessed your curiosity for true lasting success. Carolina can help you navigate and hone in so that you can redefine, focus, manifest and turn your life into something much more fruitful and connected.  


In addition to your 1 on 1 sessions with Carolina, your life-changing investment includes limited direct contact with via situational texting. This allows you to address short term anxieties or concerns regarding situational life events such as interviews, relationships support, unexpected loss, upcoming dates, etc.   


  • Increase Self-Awareness
  • Understand Limiting Belief System
  • Recognize Behavior Patterns
  • Assistance with Transitions/Crossroads
  • Address Critical High Anxiety Situations
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Connect the Dots Between Your Behaviors & Feelings   
  • Manifest True Change
  • Improve Performance
  • Open Possibilities in All Areas of Life
  • Improve Intimacy, Sex and Authenticity
  • Master Your Life
  • New You
  • Learn to Connect to your Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Practice 1 on 1  

Carolina Pataky is both a relationship and sex expert. She uses an eclectic blend of psychotherapeutic modalities to assist clients overcome and cope with anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, loss, self-esteem, anger, transitions, phobias, dating, divorce, relationship & sex issues.

Live the Life you've Dreamed.

ultimateHIM Package

  • Led by Carolina Pataky, LMFT + Certified Sex Therapist


    50 Miutes

    WHEN: To Be Determined


    TIME: To Be Determined




    Coral Gables Counseling Center
    356 Alhambra Circle
    Coral Gables, FL 33134



  • Refunds are available less a 25% Servicing Fee.  No refunds are available within 24 hours of session.  Please contact us if you need to cancel or reschedule.

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