This Valentine's weekend we invite you to join us on a very special 3 Day BeLOVE Breathwork Retreat. Specifically prepared for both men and women, this retreat will help you realign your path and harness true passion, intimacy and love.

During the weekend participants will receive an eclectic blend of modalities designed to awaken the mind, body and soul. Beginning Friday evening and throughout the entire weekend we will dive deep using Carolina's Holistic BeLove Method. Combining a series of lectures and exercises, this content-rich retreat challenges the self and allows you to explore yourself at psychoanalytical level. While there are many beautiful spiritual or ceremonial retreats available, they are often limited in scope and fall short in substance. Many retreats are led by unlicensed healers, coaches, or neo-shamans that don't have the extensive experience or educational background to really address our inner most selves. Carolina's BeLove Method takes retreats beyond these limitations and encompasses deeper, empirical methods to help you connect the dots and fully break free from the limiting beliefs that prevent you from love, joy and happiness you deserve. 


During the weekend, lectures, teachings and exercises will make up the majority the time, but you'l also have time to share with others, journal or process. One of the exercises that you'll be doing for 3 days is Breathwork, a rhythmic extended breathing exercise that will help you open up emotionally, release energetic blocks and access early memories. As a Licensed Sex Therapist, Carolina will also introduce you to a Sexercise that combines tantric exercises, breathing, and transpersonal modalities to awaken your sexual spirit. Evolving and growing needs more than one tool, and more than one session because of our holistic complex nature. Carolina treats this complexity between psychotherapy, breathwork and mindfulness in the containment of 3 days.  

Holistic BeLove Method: Developed over years working with clients and advanced training in transpersonal modalities, Carolina has designed a program that encompasses an array of therapeutic methods designs to heal, educate and empower individuals. This method widens the spectrum of psychotherapy and transpersonal interventions to bring awareness, belief deconstruction, insight and integration. This method provides a better understanding of our inner child and our inner child’s narratives. It provides the critical tools necessary to break free from limiting narratives and incorporate healthier, empowering beliefs. Beyond awareness, psychotherapeutic tools help identify the patterns across life and how we can curb unhealthy behaviors towards healthier actions and beliefs. Simply becoming aware of something doesn't provide the guidance needed to take the actions needed to change it. Left without direction or consequential awareness, we remain stagnant, in fear and unable to find comfort with ourselves or our partners.


Understanding of our inner child is crucial to a healthier and more fulfilling life. When we start exploring our inner child, we become aware of ourselves, but more importantly we start understanding how to take better care of ourselves. When we can't define our inner child stories or what it may need for self-care, we are basically living in a grown-up's body without the full maturation of an adult being. We essentially leave a 7 year-old self to make important decisions about life often leading to self-destructive behaviors. While in a full grown-up body, we tend to still act like kids in the most subtle of ways. We get angry, discontent, stressed, bored, lonely and insecure. When we retain the malcontent child trapped in our big body, our relationships become challenging, frustrating, painful, and most of all unfulfilling. Further, other areas of your life become disconnected from our true selves. With so many areas of life being interconnected, when it shows up in one place, it is sure to show up in another. For example, the idea of success can be very subjective, but strenuously difficult for us to manage. For many, success is defined in earnings, power, partner status or looks, all external illusions to what the child was taught success needed to look like as a grown-up. This is part of the unfulfillment disease which causes anxiety, depression, stress, disappointment, low self-esteem and most of all keeps us feeling like we're simply NOT ENOUGH.


Once we explore our child's belief and needs thoroughly, we learn to integrate the inner child with the adult self, the parent self. We establish a method to become aware of the differences between the two bodies We also explore how the child can also help us connect to our spirit, youthfulness and creative passion. When we are able to integrate these parts of ourselves, we learn to become whole and authentic to who we are. This integration also explores beliefs, myths and misconceptions around relationships and sexuality. As we deconstruct these in the format of the inner child we are able to start making healthier choices and make the changes necessary for change to truly happen.

Carolina Pataky Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist. Carolina has designed a 3 day revolutionary retreat. Carolina brings in her Holistic BeLove Method program that she developed to cognitively help men and women understand themselves and their limiting beliefs that keep them from building the relationships they desire with themselves and others.

Max Riv NLP Coach and co-creator of the Holistic BeLove Method. Max brings in the male perspective to healing and connecting with both the masculine and feminine to create balance, unconditional love, and harness true power in your life.

Whether you are already on the cusp of change, in search of something different, feel that something may be missing or perhaps just looking for direction, this transformative retreat can help you discover and unlock your true self. Reconnect your mind, soul and body and powerfully connect to the power of the universe.

Questions: Carolina 786-564-6033
Location: (Miami Shores area), Details once booked.
Lodging not included. If you are coming in from out of town you can find lodging through airbnb, in the Miami Shores area. 
We also have limited room lodging at $50 daily. 

Fri:     7pm- 9:30pm    
Sat:   11am-9pm     Lunch and Dinner included
Sun:  11am-9pm     Lunch and Dinner included

BeLOVE Valentine's 3 Day Breathwork Retreat (MIND-BODY-SPIRIT)

  • Dates:  February  16-18, 2018

    Starts:  Friday  February 16th 7pm
    We will make accomodations if you need to come later.

    Ends:   Sunday  February 18th 9pm 

    Details Soon: Contact for more information. 

  • Refunds are available less a 25% Servicing Fee.  Accomodation fees and taxes from Hotels/Resorts will vary.  No refunds are available within 14 days of Workshop/Retreat.  Please contact us if you need to cancel.

Questions?  Feel free to call
us directly at 786.571.4636