5 Days of Magic: Sandals South Coast, White House, Jamaica
OCTOBER 25-29, 2019
Are you ready to dive deep within your relationship? Join us this upcoming Oct 2019 to discover the power of passion!

Sandals Select exclusively invites you to rediscover the passion behind your relationship.

Highlights Include:

  • Deepen your relationship compassion, intimacy and love.
  • Create and build intimacy in your relationship
  • Connect with others through various activities
  • Sunrise Yoga Session or Sunrise Breakfast in BedIsland Routes Excursion
  • Solidify your relationship with Retie the Knot

The perfect combintation for couples that are wanting a vacation as well as lectures and exercises that will enhance your intimacy through out your stay and vacation expereince. 

You start with a day to yourself to relax in the beautiful beaches with your partner, the following evening we begin with an evening of opening the heart space for the following 2-days that are filled with exercises surrounding connection, intimacy and being present with one another. 
The final day is a day of integration for yourself and your partner to take in what you've learned and start putting it into practice. 

Book directly with Sandals so you can choose your room and package. 
$500 is the add on payment for the exclusive BeLove Couples Retreat in addition to room and all inclusive charges that apply when booked. 


Specifically prepared for couples, this retreat will help you realign your path and harness true power, passion and authenticity. Adopt new skills that allow fluid communication, acceptance, strength, passion, and authenticity in all areas of your love life. Unlock a new level of awareness and become fully passionate with yourself, your relationships and your life.

This retreat is for couples only that are ready to integrate every part of their being: sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual & cognitive. come into your wholeness and expereince passion.

Carolina Pataky Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist.  Through her Holistic Method program that she developed to help individuals understand themselves and their limiting beliefs that keep them from building the relationships they desire with themselves and others.

Max Riv is an NLP Coach, BeLove Breathwork Facilitator and Co-creator of the Holistic Method. Max teaches men and women how to balance thier masculine and feminie energies to create balance in every area of their life. Currently Max is also in a doctorate program for Clinical Psychology at Nova University. 

We believe that tapping into the richness and abundance of life starts with the relationship you have to yourself. Max & I both have spent many years working on ourselves as individuals and as a couple, not just in text book but in the practice of what we teach. We share with great excitement, along with deep gratitude what we have come to learn and live with others. Our purpose is to help others that may still be stuck, struggling, frustrated, or simply want to continue to grow in their journey.

BeLove Couples Retreat - SANDALS SOUTH COAST OCTOBER 25-29, 2019

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    us directly at 786.571.4636