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•Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 

•Certified Sex Therapist 

•Creator of H.I.M.& BeLove Methods

•Founder of Your Life Consulting

•TV/Radio/Web Personality

•Gottman Level I & II

•Tantric and Breathwork Facilitator

•Blogger, Coach & Therapy Junkie


Carolina Pataky is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Certified Sex Therapist assisting both men, women and couples fine tune and find empowerment within themselves. She's the creator of the H.I.M. Method {Healing Intimacy in Men} and BeLove Programs and is recognized as one of South Florida's leading authorities surrounding intimacy, relationships and sexuality. Her private practice is located within the Coral Gables Counseling Center and works with various venues around the world to facilitate retreats and workshops worldwide.


Before devoting her life’s work to the empowerment of individuals, Carolina’s path to growth came at a very personal level. Facing her own challenges and destructive patterns, she came to find a richer understanding of her purpose through her own healing and transformational work.  Humbled by her own story, she’s passionately pursued a career helping both men and women find change, acceptance and abundance. 


She began her studies at the University of Massachusetts and received her Master’s degree from Carlos Albizu University. Her incessant desire to learn and teach led her to gain additional certifications and work experiences with Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman, Dr. Stanislav Grof and Dr. Carol Clark. Having received her Sex Certification from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, she’s creatively devised and incorporated educational and transpersonal Tantric and Breathwork programs to further assist individuals find deeper connections beyond the standard cognitive psychotherapy models. Carolina is also currently enrolled and in pursuit of her PhD as she continues her role as both a student of the sciences as well as an educator to thousands.   


In 2017, she’s was selected to participate in the Men and Love Summit which brought together speakers, authors and therapist to collaborate and share their wisdom with the world.


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