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•Certified Breathwork Facilitator

•Clinical Doctorate Student at Nova Southeastern University

•Founder of Soul Obsession

•Co-creator of BeLove 

•NLP Motivational Coach  

•Tantric Practitioner

•Corporate Consultant

•Military Veteran

There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on" - Led Zeppelin. In 1977, Led Zeppelin released Stairway To Heaven, the iconic anthem that would define and inspire generations. At the time of their release I was 3 and just beginning to lose my prominent potbelly. I had zero clue what the many chapters in life would hold. Through a series of ext stages Through a my own  Some time later, my high school years introduced me to the band's music which perhaps contributed to my academic demise. At the time, it wasn't necessarily the worst that could happen, I served our military and had a fairly successful run in corporate. However, my work and quite a large part of personal life seemed to be obtuse and never quite focused. Today, at the age of 42, I'm confidently returning on to the other path to finish the educational pursuits I never felt grounded enough to connect to. As the song points out, I may have taken a different, longer path, but have since learned that there truly is time to change the road you're on. 


My educational journey to the moment of this letter began a few years ago when I was formally introduced to the science of psychology. Undergoing my own process of discovery, I began to see the gaps and the effects of the decisions I made. I dug deep into my world, questioned beliefs, became brutally honest with who I was, and rediscovered my passions. Through the process I saw the power of the psyche and began to ponder on what the second half of my work life could potentially look like. After nearly a 20-year hiatus from school, I returned to finish my A.A. at Miami-Dade College and moved on to Florida International University to finish off my undergraduate studies. While at FIU, I concentrated my studies in psychology, while adapting to the pace of the academic environment and full time work. 


Upon graduation in December '17, I intend to vigorously tackle the next challenge ahead. I have looked over your clinical programs and would be incredibly interested in an opportunity to attend your MFT program. I have befriended and networked with other graduates and students to make your school, my top priority. 


Admittedly, I was never highly academic and rejected a fair share of the system right up until I ran into the fascinating world of psychology. Although I'm highly curious by nature, I had to literally learn how to learn in the context of an academic setting. Tough subjects requiring foundations long forgotten, required an intense study on how to get through some of the curriculum's toughest classes. While facing difficult challenges has not stopped me, I can assure your department that my effort, commitment, integrity and care for the work will help me not only surpass expectations, but help further a career that I will honor and respect as proud post-graduate of your institution. 


Like personal development, my educational and career goals remains a process; a commitment. Through it all I’ve had an opportunity to further evaluate choices and enhance my knowledge to perhaps make a difference to others in the same way I’ve been helped. Much of this is intwined in the understanding, that both students and instructors can not just educate or learn, but also inherently inspire others to take on the challenges that they may not have been ready for earlier in their lives.  


I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to explore enrollment with your university.  Should you have any questions regarding the enclosed materials, my intentions, or would simply like to discuss any of Led Zeppelin's albums, I would be honored.  Thank you once again for your consideration.

Before devoting her life’s work to the empowerment of individuals, Carolina’s path to growth came at a very personal level. Facing her own challenges and destructive patterns, she came to find a richer understanding of her purpose through her own healing and transformational work.  Humbled by her own story, she’s passionately pursued a career helping both men and women find change, acceptance and abundance. 


She began her studies at the University of Massachusetts and received her Master’s degree from Carlos Albizu University. Her incessant desire to learn and teach led her to gain additional certifications and work experiences with Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman, Dr. Stanislav Grof and Dr. Carol Clark. Having received her Sex Certification from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, she’s creatively devised and incorporated educational and transpersonal Tantric and Breathwork programs to further assist individuals find deeper connections beyond the standard cognitive psychotherapy models. Carolina is also currently enrolled and in pursuit of her PhD as she continues her role as both a student of the sciences as well as an educator to thousands.   


In 2017, she’s was selected to participate in the Men and Love Summit which brought together speakers, authors and therapist to collaborate and share their wisdom with the world.


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