Carolina Pataky a Licensed Marriage & Family / Sex Therapist, will help you rediscover and unlock the authentic man within.  Her programs have been carefully designed to be rich in content, connecting, powerful and self loving.  Running her practice out of the world renowned Coral Gables Counseling Center, she's been helping ultra successful individuals obtain extraordinary levels of self actualization, authenticity, and connection. Her proven therapeudic and psychodynamic approach is effective, credible and transformative.  

About the programs:

1 Day Workshops

An introductory course to help you understand yourself and yourself in the the relationship. During the workshop, you will learn to tune in to your belief systems and learn what may be stopping you from accessing your authentic selves. Through a series of interactive sessions and classes you will begin taking on the right questions for yourself. Questions that will lead to answers and discoveries that will enrich and point you to purpose. 

3 Day Retreats

Whether you are on the honeymoon stage of a new relationship or facing some current challenges, relationships do not come with instructional manuals. Even couples that have been together for 20+ years often find that something has gone missing. Regardless of the stage you may be in, couples will face challenges around communication, economic decisions, career pressures, kids, health and sex. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The vast array of emotions that emerge from what you may not know or fully understand yet can dangerously put it at risk. Couples often act out, displace, hide, run or fail to fully embrace or even know their partner at their core. A core that was developed way before either of you met. Understanding your partner's true self as well as your own can lead to a truly intimate, transparent and fulfilling relationship. This workshops opens you both up to a more meaningful experience. Couples participate in exercises meant bring up the right conversations and share in their true selves. Couples will discover how transparency and healthy communication can lead to the beautiful sharing of thoughts, fears and fantasies. Get to know yourself and your partner better, while learning essential skills and tools that will not only strengthen your relationship, but strengthen you both as individuals as well.

Finally, through experential exercises, you and your partner will awaken to the power of the universe. These exercises are designed to tune you in to your your body mind and spirit. A series of transformative breathing exercises coupled with post processing therapy will help you release, connect and anchor feelings that will transform you and your relationship.    

Who is this for?

If you've reached this page, we'd like to congratulate you on the courageous journey you've already had in your life.  Whatever has led you here, know that you're absolutely not alone. Couples from all walks of life come to the program in effort to improve their relationship with their partner. Whether you're facing a difficult challenge or just want to increase your intimacy with eachother, you will forever change your life following the program.


As we make our way through life, we encounter a multitute of experiences that shape our personality. Based on the perceptions we gain from these experiences, we make future decisions: some good, some bad. This education mostly serves us well, but can sometimes fail us from understanding destructive patterns, belief systems and limiters we create for ourselves. Unfortunately, when things don't work out for us, we immediately or over a long period of time, create very subtle defense mechanisms to protect ourselves.  Sometimes we blame others for failed relationship(s).  Other times we drown passionless careers, lack of success and find unfulfillment in our lives when there's no one to blame.  Other times we run to additctions such as porn, alcohol, drugs, facebook, shopping, food, TV, work and sex.  All in an effort to further self-sabbotage feelings of guilt and shame. Most people are completely unaware of how their subconscious mind is keeping them from healthy intimacy, self love and true joy.  We'll help you open the space and dive right in to recognize pattens to become fully authentic and comfortable in your relationship.

  • Regain/Develop Intimacy

  • Improve Communication

  • Improve Transparency

  • Understand eachother

  • Move forward

  • Break Belief Systems

  • Power and Passion

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Better Sex

  • Family Pressures

  • Learn Accountability

  • Grow Together

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New Relationship:

Build and create a solid foundation for eachother.  Past the chemical bond inherent in newly formed bonds, successful relationships take work. Set into motion that right form of communication, transparency and understanding that will lead you to a beautiful healthy, long-lasting, loving relationship. 

Relationship Dynamics:

Learn how to understand and find compassion for your partner. Various elements from the past, fears of the future, belief systems and outside stressors can wreak havoc on otherwise healthy relationships.  We'll teach you how to deal with with the many intricacies surrounding your partner's life and help you read your signs that can sabbotage your relationship.  


Break beliefs and taboos around sex and rediscover your bodies and your sexuality.  Become better lovers in and out of the bedroom. Learn about true sexual intimacy and communication. Great lovers are not defined by pornstar-like sexual ability but rather by the true intimacy and connection that needs to be discovered and built. Learn the true secrets that will keep your partners fully satisfied.  


Developing and maintaining a healthy relationship with an intimate partner does not have to be difficult.  We'll teach you how to create the dialogue, learn the love languages and create true authenticity, transparency and intimacy in your relationship.

Personal Development:

Increase your awareness and fine tune master level skills to enrich your lives and those of others.  Become spiritually and emotionally grounded to overcome and take command of any situation.  Learn what motivates you as a couple, what scares you and why you do what you do.  Increasing your awareness will change your outlook and open up possibilities in all areas of your life.


Finding love and passion for what you do is essential to your wellbeing.  Create your work and allow it to flow with you and not against you.  Discover and drive your true passions. Align your values to obtain the work you love, the financial success and the time/life balance you desire. 

What are programs are not:

Unlike your typical empowerment, boot camp or spiritual retreats, Carolina's deep clinical background and psycho-therapuedic approach effectively gives you the tools to understand and break the patterns that have held you back. Without a true understanding of yourself, most practices will be ineffective.  While there are some fantastic programs out there, few are centered on your specifc experiences and your interpretations of those experiences that made you develop your ideas. True authentic love cannot be obtained over a weekned.  We teach you how to recognize the patterns, open the space, align your intentions and work through the signs that will require effort past the retreat.    

Modalities Used:

Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy, Solution Focused, Group Therapy, Reality Therapy, Breathwork, Meditation, Visualizations, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.