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BeLove Breathwork Journey
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We start our breathwork sessions with sound healing. As we then proceed to talk you throughcthe process of breathwork before we begin to breathe.

We start promptly on time & close the door 5 min past the hour. We do this to respect individuals that have made it on time as we begin to settle ourselves into our individual sacred space with the assistance to sound bowls. We ask you please make sure to be punctual to respect others. 

We have created breathwork groups so that individuals can come journey into an non-ordinary state of consciousness in a safe space, with facilitators that understand and respect your space. We attend to you and will assist you through your experience if needed, while holding space for you in a non-judgmental environment.  Allowing you to be in your experience fully. We believe that your journey is sacred of your inner healer and for that reason we standby for our assistance without interfering in your journey unless you ask for it.   

What to bring: Yoga Mat (or rent one on site). What else you can bring to cuddle your experience: water bottle, small blanket, small pillow and even an intention piece, something of meaning to you, such a picture from childhood, a stone/crystal you connect with, your journal. Anything that may be of meaning to you. These are all just suggestions.

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