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  • Private and Personalized 

  • Deepen understanding of self & purpose

  • Complete road map, family of origin, relationships.

  • Tune into purpose and passion

  • Break free from past patterns & obstacles

  • Integrate your whole man: mind, body, & soul

  • Free yourself from feelings of "not being enough" or "something missing" 

  • Target specific goals

  • Increase personal awareness + personal power


  • Tailored training and psychotherapy to address specific concerns.

  • Private sessions conviniently available through our office in Coral Gables, FL or via Telephone/Skype.   

  • Build self awareness, understanding, intimacy an authenticity. 

  • Master your life and learn how to create, unlock and obtain whatever you desire.

  • Create a safe space for processing issues relevant to you.  

  • Understand the unique roles we have in our social lives and culture, and how the impact of our culture can affect our values, beliefs, and expectations.


  • Tune in to passions and develop the work and financial success you deserve.

  • Develop the skills necessary to handle any financial, work or situation.

  • Navigate through career/educational transitions or problems.

  • Learn how to create the work you love and not the work you need.


  • Learn what it takes to obtain, maintain and grow the relationship you're in.

  • Learn to recognize and overcome the subtle family patterns that keep men in cycles of addictions, fears of intimacy, infidelities and destructive behaviors.

  • Explore how belief systems and psychological pressures we place on ourselves disconnect us from having the relationships we desire to have.


  • Learn how effectively date and find a proper match.

  • Overcome social anxiety/approach

  • Learn to recognize the red flags that may not serve you or your new partner well. 

  • Explore how belief systems and psychological pressures we place on ourselves disconnect us from having the relationships we desire to have.

  • Learn how to cope with depression, distress or anger after a loss or separation.


  • Learn how to intimate connect with your partner to truly have mind blowing sex. 

  • Ask the right questions to increase sexual communication and discover your partner(s) in whole new way.

  • Fully understand the differences between sex, love and intimacy.  

  • Increase sexual mindfulness and authenticity. 

  • Learn how to connect to your own body in healthier ways. By recognizing the body and unhealthy habits or addictions, you can regain power to enjoy a more connected experience when alone or with a partner. 

  • Get introduced to alternative spiritual practices that will allow them to see and understand sex from a different, more loving and intimate perspective.     

  • Gain a healthier view towards sexuality, new coping skills, and resources for addressing sexual needs.

  • Educate and provide a broader understanding of male sexual anatomy and functioning and debunk the myths in regards to your sexuality and sexual concerns.




Upcoming Retreats

A New Level of Individual & Relationship Care

Presented By Carolina Pataky LMFT, Sex Therapist

“An Integrated and Sophisticated Approach to  Intimacy, Authenticity & Sexuality ”

Private sessions designed to address your unique story. Customized to your needs and aspirations. Through a series of  1-ON-1 sessions, you will gain unprecedented insight into your life and a deeper understanding of your core self. By exploring the subtleties that have defined your past story, you are able break free from limiting beliefs and/or self destructive patterns. This new awareness provides a superior power of discernment, and allows you to recreate a fulfilling life story.   

Men experience a number of issues at every step of their life. Whether you are newly single, married, facing a break-up, separation, infidelity or simply just want more from the human experience, Carolina helps you develop individual and relationship awareness and teach you how to approach meaningful connections. She provides you with awareness and insight about how to completely transform your level of intimacy and authenticity as you evolve as an individual and as a couple.

In-Person sessions are available out of our Coral Gables/Miami, FL office but are also available by phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or Face-Time. Nationwide and International services are also available.  










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